Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sun After Snow
Here in Boston we've waited nearly two years for this -- the joy of a Sunday morning with sun glinting on fresh snow. My camera skills don't do justice to the lacey detail of our Kausa dogwood. For as far as the eye can see, every twig, every marsh reed, every pine needle is encased in a coating of ice. Add to this blue skys and the sun at a very low horizontal angle -- and you have the makings of an art book.
The wind is picking up and the big old pines asre swaying. Every so often they shake free a load of ice which falls in little explosions, sparking as it settles.
It helps enormously that it is a Sunday. My only disagreeable chore is to pull on boots so I can make the journey to dig out the New York Times at the end of the driveway. Soon we are feasting on fresh chocolate croissants and Medaglia d'oro coffee, listening to Baroque music in the background. A perfect morning. 

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