Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The mild autumn that saw us through our project is rapidly coming to an end. The temperature was in the low 40s today, but a biting wind made it feel much colder. The masons were out in force, and they took an elongated, indeterminate slab of granite and honed it into the fine steps you see above. The project manager chased all over the state to find this recycled granite, specially chosen to blend with the wall to the left. 
Tomorrow is likely to be the last day of the project for the year. The firm closes on Friday for the holidays, which is also the first day of winter. Given that Friday will be a day of freezing rain, tomorrow will mark the end of the season.
We are at a good stopping point. The driveway, although not permanent, is functional, and the stone that has been laid is now here forever. If there are unseasonably warm days in January, the masons might be back. They made a template of the serpentine stone wall and are now crafting the wall cap from the comfort of indoors. Still to come: lighting and irrigation. Last of all, of course, the plants.
But all that will have to wait until next spring.   
Tomorrow the blog will offer be a photo montage of where things stand at year's end.

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