Monday, October 29, 2012

Today we are watching the drama of Hurricane Sandy strip the lovely autumn leaves from the trees, but just a day ago, at dawn, the mist rose up from the North River, softening the landscape edges. Although the marsh grass had already turned golden red, the predominant color was still green.

Not so today, as successive waves of rain and wind blow across the river.  Pine cones are bouncing off the roof and there is a constant, almost motorized sound of wind grinding in the background.

As the storm moves closer, the pine cones are the least of it -- entire branches are now flying across the yard. These are followed by period of stillness. But then, almost like contractions, the space between the gusts shortens and more dead and weak wood is ripped from the trees. The power cannot last, but Gwyneth's brownies in the kitchen smell as if they are done.


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